Seven Headphones For Music-Mad Kids

24/11/2017 04:24 GMT

Is your child bored of the plain old white or black earphones, which came with their MP3 player?

Have a look at the funky options below for earphones that appeal to your kids and give you a bit of peace and quiet!

, central image, £29.99,

Disney Mickey Mouse Colour Strip In-Ear Headphones, top left, £9.99,

JVC Tiny Phones Headphones For Children, top middle, £15.99,

iLuv Crystal Pink In Ear
, top right, £19.99, Argos

Little Star Peppa Pig Children's Headphones, bottom left, £12.99,

Skullcandy Chop Purple
, bottom middle, £16.99,

Concept Learning Educational Children's Headphones, bottom right, £17.95,