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A 72-year old woman who caused world-wide outrage when she gave bith to a daughter at 66, has revealed she is planning to
Joys of autumn? Hah. Too busy. We're fast approaching Harvest Festival - yet another date in the school calendar that requires
Taking painkillers like aspirin could leave your unborn sons infertile, according to a report published in Human Reproduction
Experts are calling for a ban on a chemical used in many baby bottles, which could lead to breast cancer later on in life
Bin those parenting manuals. If you want to be a better parent, you just need to look back at our earliest ancestors to find
Q: My toddler can be a bit of a monkey at bedtime and sometimes cries for no real reason. After checking for all the obvious
Q: My daughter has recently started nursery and I am terrified she is going to develop chickenpox when it next breaks out
Q: I am so confused and worried about giving my child the MMR vaccine - is it really safe or can it cause autism? Perhaps
News that a public health expert is recommending children be banned from school unless they've had the MMR jab is set to
Q: My daughter is 10 months old and has been with her brilliant childminder since she was six months. However, the childminder
Did your hair look amazing when you were pregnant? Mine did. I'd never seen it so full and lush. However, post-birth was
A 72-year-old woman has admitted she is having a baby with her 26-year-old grandson. Pearl Carter and Phil Bailey have been
A 17-year-old school girl has given birth to a set of triplets after antibiotics taken for a cold caused her contraceptive
A shocked mother has told how GPs diagnosed her toddler daughter with a 'cold' when she in fact had cancer. Adelle Wright
The chances were slim. In fact, they were just 125,000 - 1. But a pair of sisters have both given birth to baby boys – on
The number of babies with Down's syndrome has risen by more than 70% in the last 20 years a recent study has found. This
When children start school there are new friendships to be made, and not just between the kids. According to one survey, mums
New mothers are to be advised to stop family and friends from visiting their baby for the first two months of its life to
Government advisors have announced that schools should run antenatal classes for their pregnant pupils. They claim the classes
A new study has found that taking exercise during pregnancy could cut the chances of having an over-sized baby who could