Style Awards 2010: Best New Hair

24/12/2010 13:25 | Updated 22 May 2015

Hair is a big deal. Your specific cut or colour can become key to you public image (think Debbie Harry, Rod Stewart or Pink from the early years when she was actually, well, pink!) as can being a hair chameleon. Making a change to their mane is a sure-fire way for a celeb to grab a bit of public attention.

Here are our picks for the best new 'dos of the year.

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Style Awards 2010: Best new hair

If you ask us chopping off all of your hair is a rite of passage. Watson proved she was all grown up when she posted her very short pixie on Facebook. With a face as pretty as that who needs a lot of hair?

Style Awards 2010: Best new hair

K-Stew spent most of 2010 with deep, dark brown locks - the appropriate shade for say, a vampire's love interest. As lovely as her brunette shade was, we adored the bright auburn colour she rocked over the summer.

Style Awards 2010: Best new hair

Mulligan has been outspoken about her dislike for her short crop but that hasn't stopped us from spending the year looking at her Twiggy-esque 'do adoringly.

Style Awards 2010: Best new hair

When her Littlewoods campaign debuted our first thought was 'her hair looks amazing!'. The WAG's rich brunette hair looks so much better with subtle golden touches as opposed to the chunky variety she has previously sported.

Style Awards 2010: Best new hair

Only Rihanna could get away with having hair the colour of grape juice. As unlikely as it sounds, the deep magenta shade actual works for the singer. Her colours never seem to last long, but we'll always remember this phase fondly


Style Awards 2010: Best new hair


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