You may know how a face lift works, but a hand lift is an entirely different matter.
Getting dressed for the office again? Stylists, makeup artists and a productivity coach share their tips.
Hairdressers are reporting an increase in adverse reactions since lockdown eased.
Faace, Pause and M&S are all making a play for the perimenopause with their beauty products.
We were scared to cut our hair short. Now we can't see ourselves going back.
Spoiler: it doesn't smell like fishy water and damp sand.
The pandemic and remote work have made a full face of makeup a thing of the past.
They claim to give you faux freckles and fuller lips, but do these hair, skin and makeup tricks really deliver?
Sure we could do our makeup faster, but the joy of getting ready is part of the process.
We're told to cover up in the sun, but makeup might be the exception – here's why.
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