From contouring to avocados, clean eating to even cleaner homes, it's been quite the decade.
Saima Chowdhury, 26, from Birmingham, is breaking the barriers of cosplay.
Body hair is political. It’s also social and cultural. For some women – particularly trans women – the absence or presence of body hair can even be a safety issue. Messaging around body hair is insidious and the policing can begin at a young age, perpetuating narrow beauty standards and an even narrower understanding of gender identity.
Women-owned beauty service businesses in England were only allowed to open on August 15 - and customers couldn’t have been happier to go back to their favourite spots.
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For these inspiring women, lockdown was an opportunity to try something new in difficult circumstances.
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Meet Bee Kwan-Chia, a Jane of all trades who kept her beauty business running through lockdown with the help of Square technology.
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Lotions and serums infused with cannabidiol oil claim to help with acne, anti-aging and other benefits. Dermatologists weigh in on whether they're effective.
The beauty CEO juggles parenting with her business and leading the charge on flexible working. Just don’t label her superwoman.
A night with your pals is just what you need, even if you're dancing two metres apart in someone's garden. But the first hurdle is getting ready.
"Why do you think people wear makeup?" I asked her. I was both surprised and heartened by her response.
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