The aim is to prevent water loss from the skin and lock in hydration. But is it a good idea?
“The world may be chaotic, so I control what I can, and right now, that’s my moisturiser.”
I am sick to the back teeth of this poisonous myth that fashion and beauty are sexist, writes Rebecca Reid.
Hair Power: Me And My Afro explores how Afro-textured hair has shaped Black British experiences.
Shattered cartilage? Irreversible lumps? Uneven piercings? We'd rather not.
Face mask brackets are meant to stop your makeup from smudging and glasses from steaming up.
From contouring to avocados, clean eating to even cleaner homes, it's been quite the decade.
Saima Chowdhury, 26, from Birmingham, is breaking the barriers of cosplay.
Body hair is political. It’s also social and cultural. For some women – particularly trans women – the absence or presence of body hair can even be a safety issue. Messaging around body hair is insidious and the policing can begin at a young age, perpetuating narrow beauty standards and an even narrower understanding of gender identity.
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