30/03/2011 10:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

It's Doctor Who Finale Time

It's the final episode of the current series of Doctor Who tonight, and like many families in the UK we will be gathered round the TV to find out how the story ends.

Will The Doctor escape from the Pandorica? Has Amy really been shot? Will the new colourful Daleks do a formation chase like in The Italian Job?

I can't think of another TV series that manages to engage different generations and bring families together like Doctor Who. The character of Amy really seems to have hit a chord with young girls in particular. It's nice to have a female role model for our daughters who isn't a ditzy princess.

Of course with any show that's popular with children there's also the inevitable merchandise.

A word of warning though - if your child wants a sonic screwdriver they might be disappointed. The eleventh doctor's screwdriver has proven so popular that it's sold out in all the major stores. I tried to get one for my son's seventh birthday, but with no joy.

Why is this particular item so popular with kids right now? My test sample of small boys tell me it's the light: "it glows green like a Star Wars lightsabre" Ah yes, that makes perfect sense.

In the end we settled on the Crash Doctor set pictured here. If you've got particularly good eyesight, you'll see that this comes with a teeny tiny screwdriver. It's a nicely detailed set (as all DW toys tend to be), showing Matt Smith's Doctor from the first episode. The pack includes two figures - quite why you'd need two I don't know, though it does bump the price up to £14.99. Best offer I could find for you was £13.99 with free postage from Play

And for a great freebie, check out the Doctor Who Adventure Game, which is available to download for PCs and Macs from the BBC website here. This is a role play game where you get to battle the Cybermen and Daleks with the Doctor and Amy. Children under ten may need some help with this, but it's a great fun game which will hopefully go some way to keeping you busy till the next series starts.

Will you be watching the final episode of Doctor Who tonight? What do you think of Matt Smith as the new Doctor? Leave a comment below