staying in

We are turning into a society where technology is taking over our lives - men are on the Xbox and messing around with their gadgets, and us ladies are watching our favourite soaps. I totally get it - log fire, glass of wine and no make-up on is great! It's a bonus when you don't have to take it off later - happy days!
By staying home, you're winning at life. You're protesting the system, man. Refusing to feed the machine. No one will know you're protesting of course, because even heat-sensing helicopters won't be able to detect you under nine blankets, but who cares. You know.
Your preparation for your weekend to begin? The sweet sound of the clasp of your bra being undone. And dropping to the floor. Hell it's only 6pm? But it's never too early to let them boobs hang free (and low).
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