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French Study Looks Into Average Penis Size

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The official average size and girth of a penis has been published by a French Medical Authority in a bid to tackle male anxiety surrounding the length of their member.

It may not be seminal research, however the Parisian National Academy Of Surgery (l'Academie nationale de chirurgie) is keen to fill the scholarly gap in order to prevent men from having unnecessary penis-enlargement surgery, a procedure which is reportedly on the rise.

Their research concludes that the average length of an unaroused penis is between 9 and 9.5cm, a number that swells to 12.8 and when erect.

Similarly, the average circumference, they said, is between 8.5 and 9 centimetres to 10 and 10.5cm.

"The feeling of having an insufficiently large penis can be a source of anxiety and psychological suffering for a man," said the institution in a statement.

They also warned against the limited effects of penis surgery, including "a risk of certain complications, in particular regarding erections."

Perhaps France doesn’t have to worry, however, as a number of surveys have concluded French men on average also have the largest penises in Europe.

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