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Boris Johnson says doubling of cases in a week "could pose a serious disruption to our progress".
The prime minister will speak at 5pm amid a spike in cases of the India variant.
Shadow minister says the news is an “enormous shock” but doctors expect him to make full recovery.
Anum Qaisar-Javed is Scotland's second ever Muslim MP and vows to “fight for independence”.
A surge in cases has put the easing of restrictions on June 21 at risk.
Disingenuous or delusional? Who would employ someone who botches their own reputation management?
The former prime minister would only say he had a "significant" financial interest in the collapsed firm.
Downing Street says "all options" being considered as pockets of Indian variant cases increase.
Boris Johnson's plan has been condemned as an "attack on democracy" and "total b*****ks".