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Viral Video Chart: Dare To Fight, Tank Dog, And Hitler Hears Gaddafi's Dead (VIDEO)

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Watching a Chihuahua totter around inside a miniature military tank, in viral video 'Tank Dog' cheered up a sizeable portion of the population this week.

Eminently silly, the pet's fancy dress was accused of being animal cruelty by some! Other viral chart toppers include, Human Slingshot and Dare to Fight.

The homemade human slingshot fires daredevil teenagers over woodland using bungee rope strapped across wooden poles. The superman-style feats of 'flying' look like a lot of fun, despite the screaming.

Practical jokers will wish they had thought of the 'Dare To Fight' prank. Two men dressed as ninjas stand silently on the street, one kneeling, presenting the passer-by with a foam sword, another stood still poised for battle.

A placard in front of them dares: 'FIGHT ME'.

As soon as the unsuspecting pedestrian takes up the challenge, 100 other ninjas fly out from bushes, buildings and alleys, chasing the ambushed defiant down the road.

Somewhere between Lego, laptops and large glasses, it became cool to be a geek. Maybe because technology seems to be outrunning imagination in its development.

The Holodesk simulates humans interacting with holograms, for example, throwing a hologram of a 3D ball, or moving cubes.

Viewers with less wholesome minds were quick to think of other uses for Microsoft's interactive system.

The online opportunists perhaps had their imaginations pricked by Microsoft’s demo featuring a man playing with lots of balls.

And finally, would any major event be complete without a Hitler parody? The dictator was dramatised with rage, spitting and swearing that Gaddafi had been killed. The Nazi leader wanted him alive 'to pay for making fun of my moustache'.


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  • This list was taken from Video Viral Chart, compiled for Huffington Post UK. The listings are based on embedded videos and links on around 2m blogs, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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