WATCH: Mike Tyson Sings 'The Girl From Ipanema'. No, Really

30/11/2011 11:00 | Updated 30 November 2011

Ways Mike Tyson Could Leave Your Jaw Hanging, No.1: By punching you.

Ways Mike Tyson Could Leave Your Jaw Hanging, No.2: By singing 'The Girl From Ipanema'.

On Brazilian TV.

With Daniel Jobim (grandson of Antonio Carlos) accompanying him on piano and backing vocals.

Well, we say 'backing vocals' - but in fact, Daniel takes over the lead at the tricky B section, because Mike commits a Jazz Schoogirl Error at that point, and hits the wrong note. Still, he's done worse, eh?

So, providing that you're on Team Tyson Rehabilitation (and heaven knows the makers of The Hangover are): sit back, relax, pour yourself a caipirinha - and enjoy a spot of 'boxer nova'...

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