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A whale filmed playing with a rugby ball is Hvaldimir, the beluga in Norway some speculate escaped from the Russian military.
"Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame."
Australian radio-host-turned-politician Alex Dyson has gone viral thanks to his novel campaign video, in which he explains his policies through interpretative dance. But Dyson is serious about his run for political office, saying he hopes to appeal to "disengaged young voters".
Nothing is what it appears to be anymore.
You’ve probably seen viral trick shot videos circulating on social media. Odds are, not everything was what it appeared to
Ever wondered how babies are made? Well now one new mum has shared the secret ingredient with the rest of us.  Watermelon
This year Father Christmas doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, he just wants you to stand still. Runners at the