Daughter Buys Mum A Puppy After Finding Out She Has A Terminal Illness

'If you have a loved one, tell them that you love them.'

A daughter bought her mum a new puppy as a surprise, after discovering she is terminally ill and has less than a year to live.

Sharing the heartbreaking story on Imgur, Luna Baker explained that her mum had recently been diagnosed with a rare form of ALS - bulbar ALS - which causes nerves in the throat to degenerate before other parts of the body.

The family have been told that the severity of the condition means they are unlikely to still have their mum around next Christmas.

In the video, posted to the site, Baker’s dad blindfolds his wife to present the present - a tiny puppy - which she decided to name Leo.

“She’s really happy as you can see!” said Baker.

“My mum is a great mum, friend, aunt, wife, sister, and she is basically the mum of everybody I know. She is beautiful. I love you mum.”

After an overwhelmingly positive response from commenters, Baker began encouraging people to show love and kindness to their relatives.

She explained: “If you have a loved one (a dog, a dad, a mum, a friend, a SO) tell them that you love them. It may be hard for some people, but it is free and it brings joy.

“Also if you don’t have anyone, and you go and see a person with a nice shirt, just say it. A nice tattoo? Say it and don’t be shy. A nice hair cut. Say it.

“It makes people smile and I swear it brings joy. Do it because life is short and you shouldn’t be scared. Be grateful and be nice and life will give it back to you.”