Levitating moon lamp or mini-waffle maker? Um, yes please.
"I was sworn to secrecy," Elton John said, then Ed Sheeran spilled the beans anyway.
“What we do know about this virus is the best thing we can do to protect ourselves is to get vaccinated," he said.
"They don't believe the law really applies to people like them."
“The days when you could feed a family of four with a £3 chicken are coming to an end."
The UK’s biggest container port Felixtowe has hit maximum capacity and had to turn away ships delivering toys and electrical goods.
"Boris battles to save Christmas 2.....the sequel no one wanted."
Prime minister says the petrol crisis is "stabilising" as he urges motorists to return to business as usual.
From turkeys to toys, the driver shortage could bring new Christmas disruption.
Yes, it's tempting to stockpile – but try to resist.