The Best Christmas Leftovers Recipe Is Made In An Air Fryer

It's cheap and easy, too.
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Don’t get me wrong ― I love leftovers. But after day two of bubble and squeak and this (delicious) roast potato hash, I’m getting desperate for a different way to repackage my uneaten roast veggies.

Thankfully, the best recipe I’ve found is a fuss-free air fryer recipe that creates zero washing-up ― an easy, goes-with-everything air fryer frittata.

Back in June, TikToker and nutritionist Emma Claire shared a foolproof recipe for air fryer frittatas that’s ready in under 15 minutes ― and having recently tried a Christmas leftover variation, I can confirm that it’s as delicious as it is easy.

Here’s how to make it

To start with, you’ll need to line the airy fryer basket with baking paper so that it covers the sides of the basket, too. You can also use specially-designed paper air fryer inserts if you have them ― so long as the base and sides are protected from the eggs.

Then, drizzle some olive oil on the paper before cracking six eggs into the basket. Claire chucked in her veggies at this point ― I used sliced Brussels sprouts, some fairly small roast potato cubes, old broccoli, and peas. Use whatever you have leftover.

Then, add whatever seasoning you like ― Emma Claire went with paprika on top of regular salt and pepper. I like chilli flakes in mine too, but that’s the beauty of the recipe ― you can personalise it to your exact taste and supplies.

Then, add a thin layer of grated cheese to the top and cook for 15 minutes at 180°C.

“I sliced it in half to make two servings ― perfect for a quick and easy lunch or dinner,” Claire shared. I also found it’s perfect for two!


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