Mum Shares The Secret Ingredient In Baby Making (And It's Not What You Expect)

So that's how it works.

Ever wondered how babies are made? Well now one new mum has shared the secret ingredient with the rest of us.

Watermelon seeds.

Devon Spittle, filmed a heartwarming timelapse video of her pregnancy, to capture her growing bump, starting at conception all the way through to birth.

But Spittle didn’t want to do any normal video, she wanted to “attempt a different style” to capture her first time as a mother, that didn’t include sex or a painful screaming labour.

Instead the video starts with the mother-of-one eating a giant watermelon (pips and all) before her bump starts to grow.


She then drives with her husband to a beach, where she finds an emergency button that says: “Press in case of watermelon seed ingestion.”

As she presses it, her baby daughter Poppy appears in her arms (dressed in an adorable melon knitted outfit nonetheless).

YouTube/Devon Spittle

The video is accompanied with the warning: “Warning: eat watermelon seeds at your own risk!”

To be honest, we wouldn’t mind eating a melon if our pregnancy could be as easy as that...