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I Had A S**t Birth. Here's Six Reasons I Really Want Others To Know

Sarah Howson | Posted 18.08.2017 | UK Parents
Sarah Howson

I had an awful birth experience. But I didn't die. My baby didn't die. In fact, she is thriving - the brightest, happiest little ray of sunshine you ever did meet. And, almost two years on, here I am, getting the help I need. We all lived to tell the tale. So why does that tale even need to be told any more?

Midwife Shortage Laid Bare As Nearly Half Of All Maternity Wards Shut To New Mums Last Year

The Huffington Post | Rachel Wearmouth | Posted 08.08.2017 | UK Politics

Almost half of England’s maternity wards were shut to new mums at some point in 2016 because of bed or staff shortages, alarming research revealed t...

The Extraordinary Story Of Baby 'Christ' - Born On A Wooden Boat In Front Of 100 Men

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 01.08.2017 | UK

CATANIA - Sicily: The midwife aboard an NGO rescue ship currently operating in the Mediterranean has revealed the incredible story of the rescue of a ...

6 Weird Places That Women Have Given Birth

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 20.07.2017 | UK Parents

For most pregnant women the location options for delivering your baby are fairly standard - hospital, midwifery unit, at home. And in fact, only 2.3% ...

12 Thoughts Mums Have About Sex After Giving Birth

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 13.07.2017 | UK Parents

After having a human come out of your body, the last thing that is on the agenda for many mums is having something put right back up there. And while ...

Man Learns How Childbirth Works And Can't Believe His Eyes

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 07.07.2017 | UK Parents

A man’s reaction to watching a baby being born for the first time, has had the internet in hysterics. The clip, which had four million views online...

Positive Birth Reading List

Rachel Murray | Posted 03.07.2017 | UK Parents
Rachel Murray

My birth education was a smorgasbord of books, documentaries, workshops, internet research and conversations with other women. But this post will only stretch so far so I decided to share my favourite birth books. I should say that firstly I came across all the standard issue pregnancy and birth books (you know the best-seller type ones) and they didn't speak to me.

The Greatest Support You Can Offer Someone Who Has Suffered A Stillbirth

The Huffington Post | Tamsin Kelly | Posted 13.06.2017 | UK Parents

Ten babies are stillborn in the UK every day. A stillbirth is one of the most devastating experience for parents. But what makes this experience even ...

10 Normal Thoughts After Giving Birth

Stacey Oakes | Posted 12.06.2017 | UK Parents
Stacey Oakes

Having a baby is probably one of the most life-changing events of anyone's life and although not everyone will experience the same feelings, these are common ones that I have experienced personally as well as friends and family.

Raising A Kid? Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Celine Bell | Posted 01.06.2017 | UK Parents
Celine Bell

Ok, so some of this might not feel like small stuff, but I promise you it is. If little Jemima finds your secret stash of Jaffa Cakes and eats them all, aged 14 months, it doesn't condemn her to a life of obesity. If all the other newborns from your NCT class sleep in their cots from day one, and yours doesn't, it doesn't mean they'll still be sleeping in your bed aged 19.

Coming To Terms With A Traumatic Birth

Abi Jones | Posted 05.05.2017 | UK Parents
Abi Jones

Experiencing a birth trauma isn't going to be something that you can just "get over". Your feelings are not going to change overnight, and it is likely to be an event that stays with you forever. But know you are not alone. Know that you can get help if you want it and need it.

Mums Share How They Really Felt About How Their Bodies Changed During Pregnancy

The Huffington Post | Tamsin Kelly | Posted 02.05.2017 | UK Parents

Some women love being pregnant, while for others it’s nine months of purgatory waiting for the baby and hoping to reclaim their bodies. Here, women ...

Thank You To My Midwife For...

The Huffington Post | Tamsin Kelly | Posted 02.05.2017 | UK Parents

You never forget your midwife and the role they play in your children’s birth. Whether a familiar community midwife you’ve seen for appointments t...

10 Things They Never Tell You About A C-Section

Stacey Oakes | Posted 25.04.2017 | UK Parents
Stacey Oakes

My Caesarean was an emergency so I'm assuming maybe not every C-Section has the volume of people in the room as I experienced. To be honest I had no idea how many there were, but my partner said it must have been close to 15 people. That's pretty crowded for a relatively small operating theatre.

14 Things All Parents Go Through When Watching ‘One Born Every Minute’

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 19.04.2017 | UK Parents

No matter what your TV choices were before you became parents, once you have a family of your own you can’t wait to spend an evening on the sofa wat...

One Born: Birth Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Milli Hill | Posted 05.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Milli Hill

These images are shaping women's expectations, to the point where this televisual version of birth is becoming so totally entwined with reality that it's impossible to tell life from art, fiction from fact. What we see, slowly but surely, becomes what we get.

Postpartum Psychosis Risk After Childbirth

Tina McGuff | Posted 27.03.2017 | UK Parents
Tina McGuff

I think this is something that new mums fear especially if they have a previous bout of mental illness. I've spoken to many ladies who have felt this way and some who actually went through postpartum psychosis.

Anorexia To Womanhood

Tina McGuff | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK Parents
Tina McGuff

Unbeknown to me at the time my anorexia was trying to regress me back to a time where I was carefree and cared for - not having to face harsh realities of life like my parents' catastrophic divorce or becoming a young lady.

Childbirth... It Can't Be That Hard - Right?

Tina McGuff | Posted 22.03.2017 | UK Parents
Tina McGuff

Interestingly enough every time I spoke to the midwife about this she always smiled sweetly and said: "please keep an open mind Tina" - I scoffed knowing full well I did not need an 'open mind' as it was all going to go just beautifully thank you very much!

Flipping The Narrative On Scary Birth Stories

Rachel Murray | Posted 21.03.2017 | UK Parents
Rachel Murray

I will never know for sure, but I think a big factor in my birth experience was my feeling of confidence and self-efficacy. Thanks to the women who shared their positive birth stories with me, I could so clearly visualise a calm, positive birth of my own. I'd played it out in my mind that many times, is it so surprising that the reality was just that?

My Daughter's Pain Is My Pain

Catherine Wiltcher | Posted 16.03.2017 | UK Parents
Catherine Wiltcher

I recognised myself in Emily the moment she was placed on my chest. It was there in her eyes and in the shape of her mouth. Six weeks later she had my smile. My genes dominated her features, and when she grew into an inquisitive toddler I realised we shared many of the same personality traits too.

I Thought Childbirth Was No Big Deal. Then My Wife Nearly Died

Quora | Posted 06.03.2017 | UK Parents

It reminded me of an overflowing bath. Suddenly, all joy was gone. I went to my newborn daughter, who was lying on my wife's chest, and I tried to talk, but my heart had started pumping ice around my body. I told everyone I was going to pass out and just as they sat me on the chair, I did exactly that.

Orgasm During Labour: What Is It And Why Does It Happen?

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 03.03.2017 | UK Parents

Most mums-to-be don’t associate going into labour with the prospect of imminent pleasure, but some mums say their experience of childbirth was orgas...

Blood Donors Gave Me The Chance To Be A Mum

Charlotte Wise | Posted 21.02.2017 | UK Parents
Charlotte Wise

I had slumped down in a chair and was unaware of the commotion, as a swarm of doctors and midwives surrounded me and hoisted me up onto a bed. A short time later, I opened my eyes to find myself breathing through an oxygen mask and shaking uncontrollably. All I could hear repeatedly were the words, 'We need blood!'

Rebekah Vardy Shares Baby Bump And Post-Pregnancy Selfies, Reflects On 'Trauma Of Childbirth'

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 23.01.2017 | UK Parents

Rebekah Vardy has shared photos of her body during and post-pregnancy to remind other mothers “perfection does not exist”. The 34-year-old, who ga...