A Quarter Of Brits Will Kiss At The Work Christmas Party

Quarter Of Brits Kiss At Party

The Huffington Post UK   First Posted: 02/12/11 13:59 Updated: 02/12/11 14:44

As millions of Brits look forward to their work Christmas party over the coming weeks, one in four will be blissfully unaware that a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe awaits them, according to a new survey.

The poll, by TGI Fridays, revealed that a quarter of Brits find themselves in a romantic clinch at their annual work do.

Those who work in Human Resources are the most frisky, with 55% confessing to a cheeky smooch while people who work in PR are the most likely to take it all the way and bed a co-worker at the end of the night.

A presumably drunk 2% of workers even declare their love for a colleague at the work party.

As well as locking lips with work colleagues, Brits also admit to sharing secrets that they later regret and telling co-workers what they really think of them.

Bankers are more likely to get drunk and make a fool of themselves while teachers are the worst for calling in sick after the work party. Travel and leisure workers are most likely to strip, with one in ten admitting to doing a naked flash at their Christmas do.

Save face with our Christmas Party Survival Guide...

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  • Line Your Stomach

    Drinking on an empty stomach is the root of all evils. If you're heading to the party straight from work, have a late lunch or snacks beforehand to soak up the drinks you will be necking later on. Also, take advantage of any food or canapés available at the party.

  • Mingle

    It's easy to stick to who you know when it comes to mingling, but if you huddle in a corner chatting to your work pals the whole night, you might be seen as unapproachable by your co-workers. Mingle with everyone, just don't get too cosy.  

  • Beware Of The Booze Traps

    Festive-sounding cocktails, shots and drinking games may sound like a hilarious idea at first but when your head starts feeling fuzzy and your words begin to slur, the only joke will be on you. Rule of thumb - for every alcoholic drink you have, drink a glass of water. Also, know your limit - if you wouldn't sink 10 'Jäger Bombs' on a normal night out, so don't do it at the Christmas do.

  • Avoid Gossip

    Avoid having a drunken gossip in the toilets, revealing your pet hates about a certain colleague or undying love for your married boss. There will always be someone more sober than you who will remember your words of hatred or your secret crush revelation the next morning. This also applies when you think it's a genius idea to ask your boss for a pay rise while half-cut. It may seem like the perfect opportunity when you've got your beer goggles on, but in reality, it'll make you look unprofessional.

  • Beware Of Happy Snappers

    It might seem like a good idea to show your bra or flash your bum at the camera but remember, it's more than likely that those snaps will surface somewhere in your office or on Facebook, and will most definitely come back to haunt you. You don't want to be known as "bra girl"/"bum guy", so think before you pose for the camera...

  • Wake-Up Alone

    If you're single and ready to mingle, think before you point that mistletoe, because stumbling towards your object of affection wrapped in tinsel, wearing one shoe is never attractive. Thousands of Brits meet their partner at work but a third of them have affairs with co-workers, so steer clear of a Jerry Springer-style showdown in the office and stay away from married and attached colleagues.

  • Check The Dress Code

    Turning up to a black-tie soirée dressed as Santa's little elf is never a clever idea. Dress as yourself with a little bit of Christmas sparkle and adhere to a dress code if there is one. Novelty fancy dress is always fun, but rocking up wearing a Borat 'Mankini' or 'Slutty Santa' outfit won't do you any favours.

  • Pre-Plan Your Journey Home

    Make sure you've made plans to get home beforehand. You don't want to be swaying by the kerb at 3am, waving a kebab while trying to flag down a cab. Book your cab from the venue in advance.