Tech Trends 2012 Poll: Smart TVs Down, Smartphones Up And Print As Dead As Betamax

19/12/2011 13:21 GMT | Updated 18/02/2012 10:12 GMT

Smartphone ownership looks set to almost double in 2012 - but demand is still weak for other gadgets including smart TVs and digital radio, according to a new poll.

The research, conducted by YouGov, says that the 40% of people who currently own a smartphone such as an iPhone or a Windows Phone-based device will increase to 68% within the next upgrade cycle.

Other devices including tablets and 'smart watches' will also increase in popularity, YouGov says - and marketers will jump on the chance to use location based marketing, point of sale vouchers and special offers to reach consumers. Around 86% of smartphone users ignore traditional advertising, the poll reveals.

Tablets and digital reading devices will also do well in 2012, YouGov says.

More than 24% say they use the web on a tablet while in bed, the poll claims, and that trend looks set to continue.

"The decline of print media sales will only accelerate during 2012," said Russell Feldman, associate director of technology at YouGov. "Tablets and apps will increase the digital cannibalisation of paper copies as they erode more of those previously inaccessible locations to digital devices."

Social networks like Facebook - used by 60% of people in the UK at least once per day - will also continue to grow in popularity.

But when it comes to smart TVs enabled with apps, games and social widgets, just 15% say they will own one by the end of 2012.

YouGov says that new devices - perhaps the rumoured 'true' Apple TV hinted at in Steve Jobs' recent biography by Walter Isaacson, will be needed to turn demand around.

Even digital radio, introduced almost 10 years ago, still needs to break through to a wider audience YouGov said. Only 22% of 18-14 year olds listen to DAB radios, and almost twice as many listen via the internet.