What’s a football world cup watching experience without some cool gadgets to ramp up the screen action?
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These amazing gadgets are punching well above their weight.
The thought of buying gadgets for Christmas can often bring on the cold sweats. But just because it’s tech, doesn’t mean
The reality of the situation is that society is not yet comfortable with embracing the technology we have watched destroy or take over the world in films time after time. But it is now becoming increasingly obvious that our negative perception is standing in the way of the potential for positive digital transformation and is an issue technology companies must address, if we are to embrace emerging technology.
Ever worried that you’re watching your life slip away before your eyes as you spit into the sink for the second time that
This was the TV that started it all.
Television has, probably more than any other medium, changed the human race beyond all recognition. It fundamentally changed
However, since it was not originally created for real-time IoT communications, blockchain has its shortcomings. Notably, the fees associated with transactions make it less suitable for small exchanges, also known as microtransactions.