These 22 Phone Accessories, Gadgets, And Adaptors Will Solve So Many Annoying Problems

Including sleek portable chargers, bluetooth TikTok scrollers and an array of stands to transform the way you watch videos.
I didn't even know that half of these gadgets existed, and now I can't stop thinking about them!
I didn't even know that half of these gadgets existed, and now I can't stop thinking about them!

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Whether you’re done with dropping your phone on your face in bed, sick of always being the designated group selfie taker, or can’t stand having to squint to watch videos on that tiny screen, it turns out that you aren’t alone in your irritation.

In fact, an in-depth Amazon search has introduced me to a whole new world of gadgets, accessories, and adaptors that have been designed to solve some of these common smartphone issues. So, I thought it was only fair to share my findings with you.

Expect nifty bluetooth in-car speakerphones and TikTok scrollers, camera accessories like clip-on lenses and waterproof cases, and an array of stands and mounts that’ll make watching videos a breeze — regardless of whether you’re in bed, taking a shower, or even on a long-haul flight.

Swap the cumbersome portable charger for this compact one that plugs straight in
This pocket-friendly power bank has a built-in lightning connector that’s compatible with all types of iPhone — so you can plug it in directly, without having to deal with any cables. It’s great for using on-the-go thanks to its lightweight design and compact size, and comes in four different colours.
Quadruple the size of whatever you’re watching with this phone screen magnifier
If you hate having to squint when watching a sports match or movie on your phone, but don’t have access to a TV, then this mobile phone magnifier will definitely come in handy. It’s capable of enlarging your phone’s screen to around four times its usual size, but also folds up neatly so it can easily fit in a handbag.
Game on-the-go with this clever phone clip for an Xbox One controller
I’d be lying if I pretended to know pretty much anything about video games, but according to the many rave reviews, this phone mount clip helps you turn your bluetooth Xbox One controller into a portable console, and is therefore great for gaming on-the-go.
Use this lazy arm to watch videos in bed without dropping your phone on your face
Whether it’s clamped to your desk and used for work video calls, or attached to your bedside table or headboard and positioned at the perfect angle for viewing videos while lying down, this adjustable yet sturdy gooseneck arm phone holder will definitely make it far easier to watch something on your phone hands-free.
If you’re inundated with Apple devices, nab this 3-in-1 wireless charging station
Got a chaotic amount of cables sprawled across your bedside table? With separate charging spots designed specifically for both your Apple Watch and AirPods – and a wireless charger stand that works with practically any type of smartphone – this 3-in-1 charging dock will make your space feel far more neat and organised.
Use this portable printer to turn photos on your phone into instax mini prints
This incredible portable printer lets users print any photos from their smartphone out as mini polaroids. Plus, you can use the app to add fun templates, graphics, and even digitally draw directly onto your chosen photo.
Watch videos while you WFH with this adjustable phone stand for your desk
With its freely adjustable height and viewing angle, sturdy and supportive metal base, and fully foldable design, this phone stand will make a great addition to any desk. Plus, it can be used to display your phone both portrait and landscape, and comes in six different colours.
Up your phone photography game with these four easily attachable camera lenses
Compatible with pretty much every type of smartphone, these lenses clip easily over your camera, and will help you take your photography skills to a new level. The four lenses included are an 18x telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, a wide angle lens, and a macro lens.
And capture underwater shots with this pair of bestselling waterproof phone cases
Whether you’re keen to capture some underwater snorkelling shots this summer, or simply want to use your phone in the bath without constantly worrying about dropping it, these bestselling waterproof pouches have got you covered.
Wear this brilliant bluetooth ring to scroll through TikTok with ease
If – like me – you regularly watch TikToks while doing mundane tasks like cleaning or hanging up the washing, you’ll know how annoying it can be to try to manually swipe down your FYP when your hands are full. So, I’m genuinely obsessed with this bluetooth ring that lets you remotely scroll – without having to stop whatever you’re doing.
Swap the endless adaptors for this universal one with four USB ports
Especially useful if you’ve got a lot of Apple products or other devices with USB chargers, this compact plug has four handy ports for you to use. Best of all, it comes with enough adapters to cater for over 224 countries and regions, so it’s great for your travels.
Watch videos on your phone in-flight with this handy adjustable clamp holder
If you’re not sure you’ll be fussed about the in-flight entertainment, simply download some movies you’ve been meaning to see or a few of your favourite shows, and watch them hands-free from your phone using this clever adjustable aeroplane seat clamp.
Upgrade your old car by using this bluetooth speakerphone to make hands-free calls
Keen to make your old banger a little more up-to-date? Ideal for cars without hands-free connectivity, this small but mighty gadget clips over your visor, connects to your phone via bluetooth, and lets you use Siri Assistant to make calls. Plus, it’s got built-in 3W speakers and background noise reduction features, so you can guarantee crystal clear sound.
And easily use your phone as a satnav with this bestselling suction holder
Boasting over 28,000 five-star reviews, it’s safe to say that this phone holder is a reliable option for your car. Super versatile, it comes with a suction cup for mounting it to the dashboard or windscreen, and a clip for affixing it to the air vents.
Or if you’re after a phone holder that also wirelessly charges, try this one
But if you’re after a phone mount that also takes charging into account, go for this wireless one that slots into the air vents. It’s got clamping arms that open and close automatically, provides super-fast charging, and can also be bought with a suction mount instead of a vent clip.
Attach this silicone loop to make your your phone easier to hold without dropping
If you’re after a little more security and stability when holding your phone, take a look at this nifty silicone strap that attaches to your case. It comes in ten different colours, and is stretchy enough to slide your fingers through.
Or get this one that also doubles as a stand for landscape video viewing
But if you like the idea of having a subtle phone stand permanently attached to the back of your phone, go for this 2-in-1 grip holder instead that also doubles as a desk stand for landscape viewing. I’m a big fan of this stylish clementine colourway – but there are also four other options available.
If you’re into self-shooting, then you’ll love this handy bluetooth clicker
When connected via bluetooth, this nifty clicker lets you take pictures and start and stop recording without having to touch your phone screen. It’s compatible with all iOS and Android devices, fits easily in a pocket thanks to its small size, and is operational up to a distance of thirty feet.
And try this tripod that extends to 1.5m in height, and also doubles as a selfie stick
Keen to capture the perfect beach shot with your partner this summer? This telescopic tripod can be extended up to 1.3 metres tall, has a clamp for your phone that’s fully rotational, and collapses down so compactly when not in use that it’ll comfortably fit in a handbag. Plus, it also comes with its own detachable bluetooth clicker.
These two stylus pens will make drawing and designing on your phone a breeze
Fully compatible with all types of touchscreen, this bestselling pair of stylus pens are just what you need if you enjoy using your phone for detailed tasks like digital drawing and photo editing.
Watch videos while you wash with this wall-mounted waterproof phone holder
If you like the idea of watching a show while you shower or take a bath, simply affix this damage-free waterproof phone holder to your wall. It’s got an anti-fog window, a high-sensitivity touch screen, and will keep your phone completely protected from any water.
Use this clever sterilising box to clean your phone while also charging it
Did you know that the average smartphone holds 10x more bacteria than a toilet seat? Disgusting. But to keep it fresh and germ-free, add this UV sterilising box to your basket that’ll remove 99.9% of germs in just ten minutes, while also wirelessly charging your phone.