30 Products That Have Absolutely No Business Being This Useful

These handy buys are the answer to many of life’s annoying little inconveniences.
From air fryers and toothpaste squeezers to robot vacuums and book page holders.
From air fryers and toothpaste squeezers to robot vacuums and book page holders.

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Sometimes we could all do with a little helping hand, whether it’s calling on someone to open a stiff jar or to vacuum your floors. Well, look no further as I’ve gathered a bunch of buys that are so useful that it’ll feel like another pair of hands around the house.

Making unsatisfying jobs – like removing hair from your shower drain or trying to squeeze out Every. Last. Bit. of toothpaste – seem like a breeze, these clever finds will basically do the job for you and make your day run just that bit smoother.

You can thank us later...

Say bye-bye to that dreaded hair pull from your drain with this silicone hair catcher
Nobody likes pulling out the hair collected in your bathroom drains, so why not invest in this silicone catcher which prevents you from having to do the job? With a filter that lets water drain away, whilst also trapping unwanted debris, just use the suction cups on the bottom to stick in place over your plugholes.
Book lovers, this page holder is useful for flimsy paperbacks
It’s so frustrating when you lose the page you were just reading, but this clever page holder avoids just that. Especially great for those with flimsy books, this smooth thumb holder keeps you on track and can be used for long periods of time without marking your hand.
If you’ve ever dropped your phone on your face when lying in bed, you need this lazy arm phone holder
Watch movies hands-free wherever you are with this gooseneck flexible phone holder. Fitting a variety of phones, the 360 rotating clip holder and a flexible arm can be adjusted so you can sit or lie comfortably with the best viewing angle.
Quickly and easily remove limescale from your tap heads with this descaling tool
Removing stubborn limescale from your tap heads can be a mission, but there’s only so much scrubbing you can do. Instead, make your life easier by filling this descaling tool with your cleaning liquid of choice, pop onto the end of your tap, and let it work its magic.
This car visor sleeve will keep your bits and bobs in one accessible place
If your car’s glove box and cup holders are stuffed to the brim, you might want to get your hands on this visor sleeve. Unlock a new storage space in your car, perfect for holding sunglasses, pens, insurance, receipts and even your phone.
If you find your car becoming a hub for rubbish, invest in this useful car bin with a lid
Wave goodbye to the rubbish, wrappers, tissues, and bottles lying about because this foldable car bin and lid will keep your car clean and tidy. Made from a sturdy material, with a waterproof lining that is durable enough to withstand leaks, this contraption is easy to install and remove when needed.
Get your hands on this handy 4-in-1 kitchen squeegee cleaning tool
Forget your cluttered under sink cleaning cupboard, swap out your cloths and sponges for this 4-in-1 squeegee tool. Great for brushing away crumbs, wiping away spillages, scraping tough grease from your pans, or removing leftovers from plates, this compact kitchen gadget has cushioned non-slip sides ensuring a soft grip when handling. It even has a suction cup making it super easy to store neatly away.
Tidy your tangled cables with this management holder
It’s time to tidy up and get control over all your tangled cables with this handy cable holder. With an adhesive sticker ready to attach wherever you desire, this organiser can hold up to five cables at once, making it the perfect desk or bedside table accessory.
Never be caught out by low battery again with this portable phone charger, which slots into your phone
Love portable chargers but hate having to carry them around and store the wires? Well, this mini power bank is designed to slot straight into your charging port, so you can carry on using your phone whilst you’re out and about, without fussing about any extra cables.
Create a steam vent for your pot lids with this pot watcher
Control your food’s moisture levels as you’re cooking or avoid water from bubbling out the sides of your pan lids with these nifty pot watchers, that create a vent for steam to escape.
Keep your microwave sparkling with this steam cleaning tool
Microwaves can gather a lot of dirt, and the task of cleaning them can be quite unpleasant, but you can leave yours shining in just one rotation with this Angry Mama microwave cleaning tool. Just pop a mixture of water and vinegar in (and a drop of lemon if you want to combat smells) and place in the microwave for five to seven minutes.
Use this four USB port plug wherever you are in the world, with its four interchangeable worldwide adapters
Whether you’re a globetrotter or simply have a lot of gadgets to charge, this four port USB plug is the only plug you’ll ever need. Charging up to four devices at once, this clever accessory also comes with four interchangeable worldwide plug adapters, which can be used in over 224 countries.
Unlock a new sofa upgrade with this sofa arm tray, which comes with a rotating phone holder
If you’re looking for somewhere to put your phone, snacks, drink, or general bits and bobs as you’re lounging on the sofa, this arm tray might just be the answer. With adjustable arms that can be adapted to snugly fit different sized sofa arms, the bamboo tray also includes a handy rotating phone holder.
Give your clothes a new lease of life with this fabric shaver, that gets rid of all those annoying bobbly bits
If you find your clothes bobbling after a few washes, let us introduce you to this fabric shaver which removes lint, fuzz, and bobbles, quickly and effectively. The result? It’ll leave your clothes looking new again.
This Our Place pan can be used for basically anything
Grilling, frying, braising, roasting, baking, stewing, sauteing, and searing – this Instagram-iconic cooking pan does it all. The original Our Place Always pan is non-stick and available in eight colours.
This multipurpose 360° handled colander and bowl makes draining a whole lot easier
Why buy two when one does both the jobs? This multipurpose colander and bowl is great for straining, draining, washing, and mixing, without the fear of the contents falling out. It also includes a practical rolling design, to make sure you drain the last drop of water with no food escaping.
Never waste your time trying to drain the water from your pasta pan again with these clever clip-on pan strainers
Or if you’re looking for a convenient way to drain straight from your pots (without using just a spoon to stop your pasta from slipping out), these clip-on pan food strainers work a charm. Fitting most pots, pans, and bowls, this silicone, heat-resistant addition can also be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.
Keep your shower effortlessly clean by just spraying this Method cleaner and leaving it to do its magic
Spritz this effortlessly neat spray after your daily shower to help dissolve soap scum and smears – no need to even rinse.
If you struggle to open jars and bottles (and don’t have anyone to call on) this universal opener does the job for you
Make opening a tough jar and bottle lids easier, and have no more sore hand struggles, with this helpful gadget, which has a super easy-to-use rubber and plastic design.
Don’t dread de-icing day with this convenient shovel tool
Scrape away a build-up of ice in your freezer with this must-have de-icing tool. Keeping your fridge and freezer functioning, the blade removes ice and frost easily from your appliance’s shelves or walls – without even needing to remove your food.
Keep your pots and pans drawer neat and organised with this holder
If your pots and pans cupboard looks anything like mine, it can be a mission in itself to find the pan you’re looking for. But, with this handy organiser, you can stack pans, lids, and trays so they’re easy to find and use whenever you need them. This rack can also be expanded to fit the length of your drawer or cupboard.
This kitchen roll holder makes it super easy to grab, whenever you need it
We’ve all been there when your hands are wet or dirty and you just can’t seem to find the kitchen roll, but this holder is the answer. Whether your kitchen roll lives tucked away at the back of a cupboard or takes up space on the worktop, this holder just hooks onto your shelf, so it’s there and ready to grab for whenever you need it.
Or get every last squeeze of your toothpaste with this clever tool
This device will help you make the most out of your toothpaste, by effectively squeezing out every last bit of product and helping to avoid waste.
Save space and effort with this automatic toothpaste dispenser and bathroom wall organiser
Don’t spend your time trying to squeeze out your toothpaste as this automatic toothpaste dispenser (and bathroom organiser) does the job for you. Just hold your toothbrush underneath the dispenser and watch it squeeze out by itself. This clever wall organiser also comes with a place to hang your toothbrushes, two cup holders, and space to place your other personal hygiene items.
Let this fascinating robot vacuum your floors for you
Clean your floors with this easy robot vacuum, which can be controlled via apps and Amazon Alexa voice control. You won’t even have to lift a finger as this useful cleaner even has automatically increased suction strength when needed, keeping your floors spotless.
Control any devices using just your voice with these smart plugs
Speaking of controlling devices with your voice, these smart plugs connect to your Wi-Fi so you can simply speak commands to your devices, from telling your lights to switch off to asking your TV to turn on – without touching a thing.
Do the same with the lights around your home with this smart lightbulb
This smart lightbulb does the exact same trick. You can switch lights on and off or even set timers on your lights for security, either using your voice or via the smart app. Simple.
We couldn’t talk about useful products without mentioning air fryers
If dinnertime feels like a chore, you might want to think about investing in an air fryer. Cooking food up to 30% faster than regular ovens, and with the option of frying, roasting, grilling, or baking, air fryers are extremely useful at reducing the stress and time consumed by cooking. This 4.3-litre option is great for families as it has space to serve up enough portions for the entire household.
Forget big chunky lunch boxes, this stackable Bento Box is a perfect fit for carrying in your work bag
If you’re looking for a lunch box that is box compact enough to fit neatly in your bag, but also has ample room for your food, this bento box does just that. Its four stackable and microwave-safe compartments keep your food separated and air-tightly sealed fresh, so you don’t have to worry about spilling or leaking either.
Dinner prep has never been so easy with this comfortable palm vegetable peeler
With an easy-grip double rubber ring design, this peeler just slips onto your palms and you’re ready to go. From vegetables to fruit, this easy-to-use tool protects your fingers as you peel away.