Give Your Car A Serious Upgrade With These 25 Practical Gadgets And Accessories

Here's how you can clear the clutter, keep the kids entertained and get a cup holder that *actually* fits your water bottle.
Customise your car to suit your needs with these handy gadgets and accessories
Customise your car to suit your needs with these handy gadgets and accessories

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Despite the impressive advancements in in-built navigation systems, and voice command controls, it seems that the automobile industry has forgotten the only actual thing we all want our cars to have — a cup holder that fits our chunkiest water bottle. But don’t worry — I’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking to modernise the interior of your much-loved old banger, keep the kids entertained on long drives, or find a quick way to clear out the endless amount of dust and crumbs, these Amazon car accessories and gadgets are sure to give your car the upgrade it deserves.

Hang this caddy over the backseats to avoid a cluttered boot
With four mesh pockets, two closed compartments, and two open pockets, this organiser is sure to help you sort out any clutter in your boot. To install, simply buckle it around the headrests of the backseats.
Or if you need more storage space, go for this bigger one that also collapses
But if you’re regularly carting around shopping bags, sports accessories, and other more bulky items, go for this foldable trunk tidy, instead. It’s got non-slip grips on the bottom to ensure it doesn’t move around while you’re driving, and can be used with one side collapsed if needed.
Put empty cans and crisp packets in this hanging waterproof bin
With its adjustable buckle strap, it can be easily hung from the headrests or centre console.
And keep one of these mini bins in your cup holder or door bin
Store receipts and car park tickets in one of these handy little bins. It’ll sit snug in your cup holder, or even the door bin.
Clear dust and dirt out of your vents with this clever cleaning putty
Boasting a sweet and tangy sakura fragrance, this slimy putty is perfect for picking up crumbs, dirt, and dust from all those little nooks and crannies in your car.
Store essentials in this easy-to-reach visor pouch on long drives
Boasting one large zippered pocket, a mesh pocket, five card holder slots, and a glasses clip, this organiser will turn your sun visor into another handy storage spot. It comes in three different colours, and is easy to install thanks to its adjustable velcro straps.
Or swap the standard visor mirror for one with adjustable LED lights
If you’ve got a passenger who’s always doing their make-up en route, treat them to this fabulous mirror with built-in LED lights. It’s got three different colour modes, and has a fully adjustable brightness level.
You’ll definitely get good use from this bestselling suction phone holder
Super versatile, this phone holder comes with a suction cup for mounting it to the dashboard or windscreen, and a clip for affixing it to the air vents.
Or if you’re after a phone holder that also wirelessly charges, try this one
But if you’re after a phone mount that also takes charging into account, go for this wireless one that slots into the air vents. It’s got clamping arms that open and close automatically, provides super-fast charging, and can also be bought with a suction mount instead of a vent clip.
This adaptor will turn a cigarette lighter into a double USB port
Despite being a relatively redundant and outdated feature, cigarette lighters can still be found in quite a lot of cars. But with this adaptor, you can turn it into a double USB port instead.
Fit a range of different sized drinks in this adjustable cup holder
The adjustable base of this nifty gadget is designed to sit in the far-too-small cup holder in your car, and can be expanded to suit a variety of different sized cups and water bottles.
Use these hooks to hang bags and jackets from the headrest
This pair of handy hooks can be attached to your headrest, and are great for storing handbags, jackets, and any supermarket shopping.
For four-legged friends, it’s worth having a waterproof backseat cover on hand
Got a pup for a passenger? Quick and easy to install, this backseat cover is durable and waterproof, and will keep your leather safe from any fur, scratch marks, drool, and wee.
But if you’re after something secure, this carrier is great for pups and small breeds
Boasting a strong and sturdy structure, and various buckles and anchors to keep it in place, this handy carrier will keep any nervous little pups protected while you drive. Plus, it comes in six lovely different patterns.
Keep sunglasses close by with these handy visor clips
If you’re constantly searching around for your sunnies, then give them a dedicated spot in your vehicle. These clips can be attached to your visor, and come in a pack of two.
Easily enjoy your fries while you drive with these clip-on condiment holders
Are you the kind of person who can never resist tucking into your fries on the way home from the drive thru? If so, these two dip clips will make dunking them in sauce while on the road considerably easier.
Or pull over and attach this steering wheel tray for a mess-free meal
But if you frequently drive long distances, pull over and enjoy your meal in peace with this wheel tray will make the perfect tabletop.
Create the ultimate atmospheric vehicle with some LED interior lights
You can change the colour of these LED strip lights using either the handy remote control, or the app on your phone, and they’ll even pulse and adjust in time with your music.
Swap the standard hanging air freshener for a more luxurious one
Boasting over 4,000 five-star reviews, this car air freshener comes in six different scents, and will leave your car smelling sophisticated and luxurious.
Or go for this Febreeze option that you clip to your air vents
This air freshener clips to your air vent, leaves behind a pure and refreshing scent, and each refill will last you up to 70 days.
If you’ve got an electric car, make sure your charging port is properly protected
Got your EV charger exposed to the elements? This affordable cover will keep your charging port protected from snow and rain, so you can safely charge your car outside — whatever the weather.
Use these tablet headrest mounts to keep kids entertained on long drives
If you’ve already got a tablet or iPad, then these handy mounts will give your little ones the exact same experience as having in-built headrest TVs – but without the hefty price tag. They can be expanded to suit a range of sizes, and can also display your screen both vertically and horizontally.
Keep toys and activities in this caddy on the seat next to them
With two main large areas, three zippered pockets, two additional outer pockets, and two cup holders, this organiser is great for keeping toys and activities together. Plus, it can be strapped in with the seatbelt for added security.
Use a handheld vacuum that’s been specifically designed with cars in mind
With three interchangeable nozzles, this handheld vacuum will help you clear crumbs out of every inch of your car. Best of all, it helpfully plugs straight into your car’s cigarette lighter, and has a super-long 4.8m power cord.
If the passenger seat is occupied, chuck your purse in this pouch
This handy pouch completely covers the interval between the front two seats, and gives you an extra and easy-to-reach spot to keep your purse and snacks.