Number One Super Guy: Hong Kong Footballer Scores Incredible Scorpion Kick Own Goal (Video)

Football Own Goal Hong Kong

Huffington Post   Alastair Plumb First Posted: 20/12/11 09:44 Updated: 20/12/11 10:13

No-one's ever proud of scoring an own goal - but if you're ever going to score one, you better pray it's as magnificent as this glorious scorpion kick number we've got for you below.

Pulled off by 31-year-old Nigerian defender Festus Baise for Hong Kong's Citizen AA team, if it had been seen on the other side of the pitch we'd be looking at a contender for goal of the year.

A shame then that Baise was aiming for a clearance rather than the back of his own net, but hey, you can't have it all - and at least his team eventually won, a 3-2 final score against Sun Hei making this epic cock-up an amusing anecdote rather than a career-ending blunder.

But as this is such a doozy, it would be criminal not to offer up a round-up of other astonishing own goals, right? Well, exactly... so after checking out his fancy footwork, marvel at a dozen or so other "beauties" afterwards...

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