Bill Murray's Top 10 Films (VIDEO)

02/02/2012 12:29
  • Andrea Mann Writer of sentences like this one. Also, occasionally, longer ones. But not this time.

Cue Sonny and Cher, everyone, because it's... Groundhog Day!

Yes, it's time to celebrate the event that gave its name to a film that gave its name to the feeling that something's recurring over and over again. And as a result, we think it's time to celebrate the work of Bill Murray.

Bill Murray - quite possibly the most laconic actor ever to grace the big screen. Bill Murray - a movie star who's always great, even if he's in a big pile of stinking cinematic doo-doo (see also: Eugene Levy, Sam Rockwell, Alison Janney, Judy Greer and Steve Buscemi - but we digress). Bill Murray - the dry-witted man of our dreams. Sigh.

Here are clips from our 10 favourite Murray movies - and if we missed yours out (Stripes? The Royal Tenenbaums? Charlie's AngeIs? Maybe not) then let us know in the comments below. Because, as he says himself in Groundhog Day: the man is a god. Though not the God... I don't think.

Top 10 Bill Murray Films