Bill Murray's Top 10 Films (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post UK   Andrea Mann   First Posted: 2/02/2012 12:29   Updated: 2/02/2012 12:29

Cue Sonny and Cher, everyone, because it's... Groundhog Day!

Yes, it's time to celebrate the event that gave its name to a film that gave its name to the feeling that something's recurring over and over again. And as a result, we think it's time to celebrate the work of Bill Murray.

Bill Murray - quite possibly the most laconic actor ever to grace the big screen. Bill Murray - a movie star who's always great, even if he's in a big pile of stinking cinematic doo-doo (see also: Eugene Levy, Sam Rockwell, Alison Janney, Judy Greer and Steve Buscemi - but we digress). Bill Murray - the dry-witted man of our dreams. Sigh.

Here are clips from our 10 favourite Murray movies - and if we missed yours out (Stripes? The Royal Tenenbaums? Charlie's AngeIs? Maybe not) then let us know in the comments below. Because, as he says himself in Groundhog Day: the man is a god. Though not the God... I don't think.

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  • Groundhog Day

    "This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather." From meeting Ned Ryerson to being slapped by Andie MacDowell, enjoy the best bits of weatherman Phil Connor's day-on-repeat.

  • Ghostbusters

    Witty Ghostbuster Peter Venkman is possibly Murray's greatest on-screen creation - and while there are a wealth of classic Venkman moments to choose from, we just had to go for "Cats and dogs living together..."

  • Scrooged

    'Bill Murray is back among the ghosts - only this time, it's three against one.' So ran the tagline for this '80s reworking of Charles Dickens' <em>A Christmas Carol</em>, now a seasonal favourite for just about everyone between the ages of 25 and 45.

  • Lost In Translation

    We'd like to tell you what we think of <em>Lost In Translation</em> - but that would involve us whispering in your ear and everyone else wondering what we said. So instead, we give you... "Suntory time!"

  • Caddyshack

    Quite possibly the finest film about golf - though we realise there are very few contenders - <em>Caddyshack</em> was Harold '<em>Ghostbusters</em>/<em>Groundhog Day</em>' Ramis's first feature film. In it, Bill Murray plays greenskeeper Carl Spackler - who spends most of the movie trying to kill a gopher.

  • Quick Change

    Hugely overlooked, the 1990 comedy <em>Quick Change</em> marked Murray's first - and so far only - foray into directing. And as this opening sequence shows: you can dress Bill Murry up as a clown - but he's still unmistakably, wonderfully, always Bill Murray.

  • Tootsie

    Like the rest of the cast of this comedy classic, Bill Murray is note perfect as Dustin Hoffman's flatmate/confidante/pretentious fellow actor, Jeff. Check out this scene in which Jeff holds forth at a party - <a href="" target="_hplink">and this one for his unforgettable "nutty hospital" one-liner</a>.

  • Rushmore

    <em>Rushmore</em> didn't just bring Wes Anderson to everyone's attention - it also marked Bill Murray's move into 'serious' acting (albeit with a comedic twist. Always.) Here's one of our favourite moments, in which he takes to a diving board... with a cigarette and drink in hand. Of course.

  • Little Shop Of Horrors

    A scene from the musical-turned-movie which doesn't just feature Bill Murray as a masochistic patient - but also Steve Martin as a sadistic dentist! Boom!

  • Kingpin

    It's Bill Murray! Bowling in a wig! In a Farrelly brothers movie! Sorry - was I talking out loud?