"By the time we got to shooting it, I showed up on set and went, ‘What the hell is this? What is this thing?’."
Like Ghostbusters and Star Wars before it, the usual band of idiots are coming out of the woodwork to sabotage a film about a powerful woman
The new film will be set in the present day, and is not being considered a "reboot".
I am not saying he shouldn't speak (though I wish he wouldn't); but there is a difference between giving a perspective and encouraging an attack on a group. For me that is the difference between hate speech and free speech.
The sheboot caused uproar before it was even released as the trailer became the most disliked video in YouTube's history. Why? Because the leads were women - underlying sexism strikes again! In light of this, I'm going to try something: I'm going to actually give the film a chance and review it like normal human being. 
'Do not give your eyeballs to this racist, hate-filled, misogynoir crime. I #StandWithLeslie.'
News of the attack broke on Wednesday (24 August) evening, when TMZ revealed that Leslie’s official website had been hacked
Leslie's personal information was also shared online, according to reports.
‘Ghostbusters’ remake star Leslie Jones was the victim of a horrific cyber attack on Thursday (24 July), which saw her website