Jonathan Ross: Tom Hardy Was Just 'Acting' Angry

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Talk show host Jonathan Ross has shot down reports actor Tom Hardy was left furious when the presenter played footage of the star in his modelling days during a recently taped interview.

The Inception actor, who is known for his tough movie roles, won a modelling competition on a breakfast show back in 1998 before embarking on a film career.

Ross left the star squirming when he showed a laughing audience a clip of the hunk striking a pose during a recent taped chat for The Jonathan Ross Show - a move which reportedly left Hardy furious, according to The Sun.

A source told the newspaper, "Tom really wasn't happy about the footage being shown and said he looked like a total idiot.

"After that moment, the interview was a squirm-fest. Especially when Tom said he couldn't talk about his part in the new Batman film. When he walked off, Jonathan turned to the audience and said, 'He is genuinely p**sed off with me.'"

However, the TV host has taken to his account to play down the reports, insisting Hardy was simply pretending to be angry for the cameras.

Ross writes:

jonathan ross
Oh btw. There is story online that Tom Hardy threw a wobbly on the show we recorded this week....

jonathan ross
....not true. I showed old clip of him and he acted p*ssed off to turn the tables on me. He is good actor so very convincing.

jonathan ross
So score is Hardy 1, Ross 0, Internet news story complete fail. Show goes out next Saturday so you can see for yourselves. He got me good!

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