One review has hailed the Pixar sequel as the studio's "best film since Coco", while another accused it of having "no heart".
James Cameron apparently took some convincing that Kate was right to play Rose.
"Imagine this for people who are starting out... it's heartbreaking."
The Bridgerton star joked his hair was "like coral" after a rigorous three months of working on three different projects at once.
Sally Hawkins has handed over the reins to another actor for the third movie.
A third instalment in the much-loved film series is coming later this year – and it's Paddington's most ambitious adventure yet.
"That was a time in the industry when something like that could still really be weaponised against you," he explained.
The Oscar winner has mixed feelings about the new film.
Benoit Blanc has apparently undergone a bit of a transformation in Wake Up Dead Man.
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