People Are Sharing The Worst Examples Of Men Writing Women In TV And Film
David Holmes served as Daniel's stunt double for every single Potter film — until he was paralysed on set.
You may have seen the stars of David Fincher's latest film in big-screen epics, superhero movies, Oscar-winning dramas... or your favourite madcap cartoons.
Joaquin Phoenix takes the lead in Ridley Scott's new historical biopic, alongside The Crown's Vanessa Kirby.
The Anyone But You star has spoken out over speculation that the two have been hooking up off-screen.
Elordi became a heartthrob for teenagers thanks to the popularity of Netflix's "The Kissing Booth."
The Ocean's 8 star said the ageist comment was made to her when she was just a child actor.
It’s hard to believe the Bafta winner would doubt his own abilities – but there is one past role he wishes he could have improved on.
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