VIDEO: How To Get Flawless Skin With Illamasqua

10/02/2012 11:14 | Updated 22 May 2015

The A-list are always flaunting their flawless, blemish-free skin and women everywhere are constantly stocking up on all kinds of miracle products in their quest for that gorgeous glow. So how do you get the must-have look of the moment, without wasting time on pampering and prepping?

We asked Illamasqua's Educator and Key Artist Daniel Sallstrom to show us how to do a daytime, dewy look, using the right makeup and application techniques. Take a look at the how-to video for all Sallstrom's top tips and see a full list of the products he used below.


Skin Base Foundation in no 02 and 06 (mixed)

Cream Pigment in Emerge

Eye Brow Cake in Motto


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