Bear Plays 'Leg Guitar' Like A Boss (VIDEO)

20/02/2012 14:55

'Leg guitar' is one of those instruments that everyone can play, but not everyone can really see. Think of the badminton racket banjo or the mobile phone violin and you're just about along the right lines.

But it's not only humans that 'play' these 'instruments' - bears are at it too. Or, as we should say, this particular bear is at it, as we've never seen any other bear do anything like this before.

Calmly sitting in a field, strumming away at his leg, it looks like he might be a replacement for Little John in Disney's original Robin Hood or perhaps a friend of Cadbury's drumming gorilla.

God bears are amazing. Which other animal is capable of playing an imaginary guitar and/or waving to children? Well, exactly.


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