grizzly bear

'One bite on my forearm went through to the bone and I heard a crunch'
WARNING: THIS REPORT CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT.  An elk hunter has lived to tell the tale after being attacked by a grizzly
His body has been found but the bear remains on the prowl.
A mountain biker has been attacked and killed by a grizzly bear as he was riding along a trail just outside Glacier National
A grizzly bear livened up proceedings at a Minnesota Zoo on Monday – by grabbing a rock and repeatedly smashing it into the
When it comes to promising new bands, eclectic musical vibes, and well-thought out lyrics - it seems that the unbelievably creative mind of Joshua Idehen knows no end.
'Leg guitar' is one of those instruments that everyone can play, but not everyone can really see. Think of the badminton
We need your help, Huffington Post UK Comedy readers. We need your help with a very tricky bear question - and as you well
When bears crop up in the news, it's normally to do with nature documentaries or horrific attacks in the wild. Today, not