Jazz FM Apologises After Accidentally Broadcasting 'Gay Porn'

21/02/2012 15:04

Jazz FM has apologised after the station broadcast audio of what appeared to be part of a gay porn film on Saturday night.

The station called the incident, when a few minutes of audio footage was broadcast, "highly regrettable."

“Unfortunately we had an unauthorised access to the live feed this evening which resulted in a highly regrettable incident.

Listeners challenged the station on the social media site twitter, asking just after 7pm on Saturday evening:

The radio station soon apologised on twitter, saying:

But not everyone was offended by the early evening unexpected broadcast, with one user tweeting:

Head of programming Miki Vitti said: “There was unauthorised activity and behaviour in the studio which we take very seriously and we will be taking the appropriate disciplinary action against the individual concerned.

“In addition I will apologise to the Jazz FM audience at the beginning of next week's programme.”

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