Twitter Jokes Of The Week: Week 8 (Of 52)

24/02/2012 14:40 | Updated 24 February 2012

Wow, what a week. David Haye changed his entrance song to An Eye For An Eye Of The Tiger, Eric Joyce MP was charged with a Commons assault, and the comedy world mourned the passing of Frank Carson... and Gregg Jevin. Sort of.

Oh, and we had Pancake Day. And some warm weather.

Naturally, the world of Twitter was making jokes about all of the above, and we've rounded up just some of the bestest, funniest tweets from the past seven days below (note: not all of them are topical, and many of them involve puns).

Remember to vote for your favourites using our handy star rating system (below right), and tell us here on Twitter who we should be adding to our follow list for more funnies. We'll be back next Friday with more of the same. Have a great weekend - and remember: don't look directly at the Sun on Sunday!


Twitter Jokes Of The Week 8
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