Sarah Cawood Blasts Stacey Solomon After Being Caught Smoking Whilst Pregnant

08/03/2012 11:05 | Updated 08 March 2012

Expectant mum Sarah Cawood has blasted Stacey Solomon after she was caught smoking at seven months pregnant.

The TV presenter has labelled the former X Factor star "ridiculously naive" over her behaviour, which she has faced tough criticism for.

In an exclusive blog for The Huffington Post UK she said:" I think that her punishment has been harsh but not unduly so.

"It was ridiculously naive of her to think that she would not be discovered: after all, her little indiscretion took place outside a tv studio where there are always paps lurking: Stacey you Plonker."

Since the pictures were published in the Sunday papers, Stacey has appeared on Loose Women and This Morning to talk about her addiction saying she is "ashamed" and "embarrassed".

But Sarah claims there is no defence, calling her behaviour "irresponsible, selfish and utterly reprehensible".

"Carrying a child is a great privilege and sometimes, really hard work, filled with sacrifices: your unborn child is at the mercy of your willpower, be it good or bad," she said.

"You have a defenceless human being to consider. Smoking while pregnant is irresponsible, selfish and utterly reprehensible."

Following the revelations about Stacey, she was axed from a Mum Of The Year competition, but Sarah also hit out at the celebrity mums remaining on the list.

The National Lottery presenter labelled fellow nominees Katie Price, Natalie Cassidy and Natasha Giggs a "washed up glamour model", a "self-confessed victim of mental abuse at the hands of her baby daddy" and a "home wrecker with a predilection for keeping it in the family".

"If that's the best we can do in the world of celebrity parenting then I'm fearing for our Nation's offspring," she said.


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