Ant And Dec's Facing National Television Awards Ban?

10/03/2012 15:21 | Updated 10 May 2012

The National Television Awards want to ban Ant And Dec from the entertainment presenters award shortlist because they keep winning the prize.

The producers, Indigo Television, reportedly plan to exclude the Geordie duo when voting starts in the autumn after the pair picked up the award for 11 consecutive years.

Instead, the ceremony will honour the popular presenters by naming the gong after them.

"So now there's talk they will step out of the competition to give others a chance and organisers will re-brand the category The Ant And Dec Entertainment Presenter Award."

The organisers still need Ant and Dec to agree and it is understood they knew nothing of the plans up until now.

The source explained: "It will be news to them and the idea will depend on whether they want to go along with it. They might just say no, in which case the organisers can't not let them enter."

The pair took to Twitter to reveal their surprise of the news, writing: "Picked up my nephew up from footie practice and someone gave me the Sun to read. I really don't know what to say about the NTA story. Ouch!"


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