Cheryl Cole Admits Drunk-Dialling

10/03/2012 15:11 | Updated 10 May 2012

If you've ever woken up with a sinking heart after making a drunken phonecall the previous night, you'll be comforted to hear that even the likes of Cheryl Cole have fallen into the drink and dial trap.

The 28-year-old tweeted from her assistant Lily England's birthday party to reveal she needed to leave her bag with a sober friend for fear of making a drunken call.

She wrote: "I have been known to drink and dial.. :o *bbm can't watch face* #nodrunkychezzapls"

But just who was she planning to ring? Perhaps it was Olly Murs who cheekily asked for her phone number on Twitter this week.

The Xtra Factor presenter said he is yet to hear from the Girls Aloud star on Friday's The Graham Norton Show, adding hopefully: "Her Wi-Fi must be down or something."

Don't worry Olly, sounds like her phone was just safely tucked away in her reliable friend's handbag.


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