Jesus Christ: Builder Finds Face Of Religious Figure In Wall (PHOTOS)

16/03/2012 12:48 | Updated 16 March 2012

As the Bible says, Jesus can be found anywhere. But it probably didn't mean a wall in Edroth, Yorkshire.

Sam Dalby was decorating when he noticed the strange face in a a section of wall.

"I hadn’t seen the face earlier on when I was working close up to it," reported the Daily Mail.

But Dalby said that he was not moved enough by the humbling discovery to stop him in his work.

Shortly after snapping a picture of the ghostly face he painted over it with two coats of emulsion.

"The paint is a similar colour to a shroud so it felt appropriate," he told the Mail.

The image of Jesus has been found in dozens of strange and surprising places over the years - from a field in Hungary to a sock and a grilled cheese sandwich.


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