Peter Jackson's Doppelgänger, Peeder Jigson, Fails To Understand How Blue Screen Works (VIDEO)

Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: 13/04/2012 14:13 Updated: 13/04/2012 14:22

Peeder Jigson isn't a real person - he's just a figment of comedian James Bachman's imagination - but he does look and act a lot like the director of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson. Kind of. In a way.

Blundering around his production of the LOTR follow-up, The Hubbard - note: not The Hobbit - he regularly posts videos online of him not quite understanding how the whole film-making process works, despite supposedly having shot three Oscar-winning films in the past.

In his latest video (above), he fails to understand how the magic of cinema blue screens work. It's all a bit silly, really. A bit silly and very loveable. A lot like this man who was recently spotted longboarding down a busy road... dressed as Gandalf. As you do.

And for more Jigson funtimes, here's a video gallery of the big man for you below. Enjoy!

Peeder Jigson's 'Hobbit' Video Diary #1
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