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Football and Twitter is a concoction as lethal as Bart shaking Homer's can of Duff beer on April Fools' Day.

Players have gotten into trouble for homophobic comments and threatening fans. One tweeter was sentenced to jail for racially insulting Fabrice Muamba shortly after his collapse, and others have recently been exposed as Ched Evans sympathisers after he was imprisoned for raping a 19-year-old woman.

Away from the darker side of the Twittersphere, there is an acerbic streak of supporters who, although separated by success, are united by their idealism in football returning to a better place.

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So here is a list of 50 must-follow footballing folk on Twitter and some of their finest 140 character-max efforts...


No the security bill would be higher than the gate receipts!! Gonna enjoy it at home. Pop round we can watch in Neville 18 tops

Witty Manchester City match-goer who likes Gary Neville. As a pundit.

Football finance expert. An essential follow in the current climate.

A funny, yet erudite, German. Wunderbar!


Pretty sure we're still top, though. I haven't looked at the league table in months, to be honest. It takes too long to find it on Teletext.

Teesside lass done good bringing you all the info on Real Madrid.

European football expert informing you of what you won't have seen.

Passionate and knowledgeable writer with a hankering for nostalgia.

Renowned investigative journalist in football.

Incessant updates on all things Blaugrana.

French-speaking Norn Iron football queen.

One of the best young emerging journalists.


RAWK Meltdown
I'd be a lot more scathing if Roy was still in charge but Kenny's still untouchable for me

Football anarchists spawned from the fanzine culture.

Football Italia god.

Spanish-Irish expert on many things more than Spanish and Irish football.


daniel taylor
he's also top of his industry. Are you top of yours? No, you are an insignificant little germ

YouTube guru. If you need it, he will find it.

Looking on the bright side of life as a Leeds fan.

A sane voice amidst the knee-jerkers of 21st century football.


Assertive writer and football idealist.

Cutting satirists.

Long-suffering Evertonian who is fed up of David Moyes.


Suarez was very quick to apologise to Scott Parker for kicking him there; "Sorry, I thought you were Ledley King".

Exposing football's murky side.

Photoshopping genius.

Loquacious Dylan-lover who loathes Michael Owen.


Scott Thompson
Did Mikel steal Parker's Mars bar?

One of the finest Spanish football writers.

Championing football's simpler times of the past.

Youth football authority extraordinaire.


Daniel Harris
WORST SENTENCE EVER: This season’s FA Cup with Budweiser Final headline music act has been confirmed by The Football Association as Hard-Fi.

Influential Spurs blogger with a wry view on all things Lilywhite.

Honest Arsenal follower with his finger on the pulse.

If Le Prof was on Twitter.


Iain Macintosh
- Or, for that matter, his sinister glare at Andy Carroll. Gunnersauraus doesn't forget. Gunnersauraus gets even.


Think Steve Fleming from The Thick of It, only on a madder scale.

Brilliant broadsheet scribe.

A northern soul on the Tyne.


Thomas Poynton
Welcome to all my new followers. I hate you all.

Self-deprecating Arsenal fan.

Scourge of Clive Allen and his handshake fascination.


Rory Smith
And it remains a mystery to me why, in teeming rain, John Terry feels the need to take his shirt - but not his armband - off. Berk.

Excellent football podcast from the US.

Committed Rossonera and expert on Italian football.

Englishman in Spain on La Liga beat.

Still going strong, still essential.

Responsible for the superb European Football Weekends blog.

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