Passed Out Student 'Tuxman' Is Reanimated In Marker Pen Prank (VIDEO)

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Yikes. Remind us never to pass out while these guys are around.

Sprawled on the sofa after a tad too much to drink, it’s bad enough this guy had to wake up with the hangover from hell.

But what he hadn’t bargained on were his friends drawing a tuxedo onto his naked torso, giving him a Hitler moustache and treating him like their very own ventriloquist’s dummy.

Completing the horrific spectacle with a screechy voice and obscenities scrawled on his neck, the tender moments were immortalised on film by members of the University of Essex Hockey Club.

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An explanation posted with the video reads: “This is the story of Tuxman, a tale of drinking, banter and permanent marker pens.

"After a heavy session and a night out in Rimini's Carnaby club, one particular UEHC member known as Juno (a.k.a Mark Jewell) passed out on his bed whilst Bear, Reeves, Fowler and Boxo were still drinking in his room.

"After a brief discussion of what we should do to him, the classic permanent marker came out. However, after a suggestion that we should think outside the box, we came up with the idea of a pen Tuxedo."

It's inventive, we'll give them that...

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