Who Said It: Rupert Murdoch Or Montgomery Burns? (QUIZ)

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The Simpsons may have poked fun at Rupert Murdoch in the episode Fraudcast News - and there have long been rumours that the character of Mr Burns was partly based on the Australian media tycoon. But can you tell your power-hungry newspaper bosses from your power-hungry nuclear power plant bosses?

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Following our Kay Burley Or Ron Burgundy and Samantha Brick Or Derek Zoolander quizzes - and in honour of Mr Murdoch's appearance at the Leveson inquiry - we've rounded-up 20 quotes. Now all you have to do is guess who said them: Murdoch or Burns. Release the hounds - sorry: start the clock!

Who Said It: Rupert Murdoch Or Montgomery Burns? (QUIZ)
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"It's impossible to control all the media."
Rupert Murdoch
Montgomery Burns
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