The fight for a free press is an important one - however, if we want to ensure the press is still an essential and trustworthy pillar of democracy, then we must enact reforms to make it fair
Confirmed it may shelve part two of the inquiry.
The Culture Secretary was accused of a “coverup of a coverup” after she confirmed the Government may shelve part two of the
A free and fair press is central to any democratic society. It isn't for controlling politicians or self-serving editors to decide what constitutes freedom of speech or fairness. That must be determined by independent regulation.
Newspapers chose not to print details of John Whittingdale's relationship with a sex worker because withholding the story
Evan Harris could not provide proof Whittingdale appeased editors to keep relationship secret.
Whittingdale came under scrutiny last night after details of his relationship with an escort surfaced. Four newspapers, the
How good is your memory? Does it stretch back to 2013? Or perhaps 2011? Right now, David Cameron is hoping it doesn't. In those years he made a lot of promises that are no longer convenient for him, so he would prefer you forgot them.
The big corporate papers are encouraging the idea that the result of the general election means the end of the Leveson process. Although this claim is hardly surprising given their wild-eyed desperation to avoid any form of meaningful accountability, it is wrong. Here are five reasons to be confident that independent, effective press self-regulation along the lines recommended by the Leveson Inquiry is on its way.