Alex Reid Tells MPs To Ban School Packed Lunches

26/04/2012 10:13

Alex Reid, former hubby of glamour model Katie Price, has been throwing his weight about by telling MPs to ban school packed lunches.

And why? Because Reid says these foods are - shock horror - unhealthy.

Reid's groundbreaking idea is based on the theory that bad food "affects children's ability to concentrate in lessons". Something we definitely haven't heard before...

The former cage fighter flexed his muscles at an all-party group on school food. He told MPs he "wanted to make healthy school meals available to all kids" through his Let's Do Lunch campaign.

"We will essentially make them compulsory and ban packed lunches."

Reid, now expecting a baby with former Big Brother contestant Chantelle Houghton, wants to raise £1billion by offering companies promotional opportunities, including direct marketing to parents, in return for investment in his scheme.

Jamie Oliver, watch out.

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