Cheryl Cole's Call My Name Music Video Teaser Clip

01/05/2012 16:57 | Updated 02 May 2012

Cheryl Cole - or Cheryl as she now insists on being called having ditched her last name along with her philandering ex - has released a teaser for the music video of her forthcoming single, Call My Name .

We've already heard the audio, seen shots of her coming out of her trailer in leopard pants and a tropical print jacket - what more could we possibly want?

Well, shots of her newly tattooed derrière gyrating around with the music in slow-mo, of course.

That's what they think we want. And the sad reality is, they're probably right. So here it is.

The music video is officially released on 2 May on Vevo and forms part of her forthcoming album A Million Lights, but for those that can't wait we've brought you the teaser.

The single itself has already sparked mixed reviews on Twitter, we'd love to know what you think of the teaser trailer in the comments below.

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