Cheryl Cole Talks Simon Cowell And Cher Lloyd As She Poses For GQ Magazine

Cheryl Talks Simon And Cher

There is absolutely nothing that cures those Monday blues like seeing sizzling new Cheryl Cole pictures, and having a gossip about the interview that goes with them.

So imagine how spoilt we felt this morning when details of a revealing interview Cheryl has done with GQ magazine landed on our desks.

It seems Chezza has finally opened up about her relationship with Simon Cowell telling of how blowing up an effigy of her former boss helped mend their relationship after she was axed from the US version of The X Factor.

"The troops in Afghanistan thought it would be funny to dress one of the test dummies as Simon and blow him up in front of me," she explained.

"It felt great actually. When I landed back in England there was a message from Simon - 'Hello, Cheryl. So now that you've blown me up in Afghanistan can we talk?' - and we did."

She added: "I'm not one of those people who holds a grudge about anything and I know exactly what went down."

Despite denying the rumours she was fired from the show because of her accent, she still remained tight-lipped about the real reason behind her exit.

"Me leaving the show was nothing to do with my Newcastle accent. I work with Americans all the time," she said.

"What I will say is that business is not a nice area. And you might say I am a businesswoman, but I am not into cut-throat business moves."

In the interview, Chez also addressed her spat with her former X Factor protege Cher Lloyd, telling of how she thought being branded a mime act by her was a "slap in the face".

"She's new. She needs to learn a lot," she said.

"I went through hell to get her on that programme. Even with Simon. Everyone says stuff at the beginning of their career that they will regret. It's disappointing because I fought for her. Maybe I didn't teach her as well as I thought I had."

Cheryl’s single Call My Name is on sale June 10th. The June 2012 issue of GQ is on sale Thursday May 3rd


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