simon cowell

The TV mogul underwent major surgery last year after injuring himself at home.
Alesha Dixon also honoured her "naughty TV wife" and Britain's Got Talent co-star.
The Good Morning Britain presenter is rumoured to be replacing David Walliams on the ITV talent show.
The Britain's Got Talent judge has been celebrating his 61st birthday.
Lyrics about not doing "what Simon says" or being "a puppet on a string" have raised eyebrows.
The music mogul was apparently no fan of Britain's Got The Pop Factor – until it proved popular with viewers, that is.
Despite the pandemic, the Britain's Got Talent judge is having her busiest year yet.
The pair came close to quitting the ITV talent show in 2012, as they were unhappy with how little of them was being shown on screen.
Simon is having to sit out some of the next stage of the competition after injuring himself in a bike incident.