The FA Contact The Sun Following Complaints Over Front Page Splash On New England Coach Roy Hodgson

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The Sun's front page has drawn ire from players and supporters | StephenHull

The Press Comlaints Commission and the Football Association have today received a number of complaints in relation to The Sun's front page splash on new England coach Roy Hodgson.

After Hodgson's debut press conference at Wembley yesterday, the Rupert Murdoch owned tabloid opted for the headline "BWING ON THE EUWOS (WE'LL SEE YOU IN UKWAINE AGAINST FWANCE)". This was in reference to the 64-year-old's speech impediment.

Past England players, including the Neville brothers, as well as several media personnel and supporters, lambasted the redtop as The Sun was accused of bullying.

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The FA Said in a statement: "The FA and the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) have today received a large number of objections relating to the front page headline in The Sun newspaper, regarding Roy Hodgson’s manner of speech.

"On this occasion, we will not be making an official complaint to the PCC but we have raised it with the newspaper and made it clear that their front page is unacceptable to us."

FA Chairman FA Chairman David Bernstein added: “We are delighted at the media response to Roy’s appointment but are disappointed with the headline in The Sun, which we consider is in poor taste and disrespectful.”

Twitter reaction to the front page splash:

phil neville18
Have u seen front page of the sun this morning disgraceful journalism-what chance have we got!

Disgustung headlines,good journo's under pressure writing pieces for their mates and a certain paper needs putting out of circulation.

ian prior
Must say, the front page of the Sun this morning is a hateful piece of work

Jake Humphrey
I think today's headline in The Sun is offensive.

james brown
the sun, Murdoch, the government, NoTW - riddled with bad ideas, corruption and bullying.

Nev Pierce
Ah, what a small, poisonous paper The Sun is.

Whatever u think of Roy Hodgson & the FA's decision to appoint him The Sun's front page today is an absolute disgrace

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