Saucy Animals: Creatures With A Naughty Glint In Their Eye... (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: 3/05/2012 13:06 Updated: 3/05/2012 17:03

Look at them, making love to the camera, giving it all that. With their come hither eyes and lustful gazes these animals are seriously on the make.

If you're likely to take offence then please look away now. And if you like this kind of stuff, then GET HELP.

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  • Bulldog Babes

    Come hither, implores this pant-clad bulldog.

  • Check Out The Buns On This

    This rabbit is simply bootylicious

  • Beach Romp

    These amorous horseshoe crabs have no qualms about getting it on. In broad daylight. On the beach. Tsk.

  • Sex Kitten

    There's something a bit sinister about this.

  • Beast In A Bra

    Filth. Just look at his face.

  • Bitch In Pants

    Revealing pants. In black leather.

  • Poodle Puts It Out

    Look at her, pink knickers, legs spread. No shame.

  • Panda Porn

    Female panda Lin Hui taunts her keepers after failing to be roused by a video of pandas having sex. Workers at Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand were forced to resort to artificial insemination to carry on the bloodline

  • I'm All Bear

    Mercedes, the UK's only polar bear makes love to the camera at Edinburgh Zoo

  • Oh Deer

    A ram mounts a deer in China. Just wrong.

  • I'd Do Anything For A Bonio

    Introducing Huffington Post UK's own canine sauce pot, Tilly!